Our logisticians will employ the best way forward to be innovative and inventive in our solutions, to assist you employ the best solutions to be efficient and get the best deal for your buck. Our logistics solutions will allow you to get the best deal while managing how your resources are acquired, stored, transported and delivered to the customers. Our methods make sense so that you can charge the best rates for your customers and beat your competition.


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Full Truck Load (FTL)

While customizing a solution to suit your needs, we are well-equipped to move cargo that requires an entire shipment container. We have the capacity and capability to deliver your loads fast and on-time, while following all dictated requirements per the terms of the contract. We also promise to provide the best and most competitive rates for the shipment. Customer service is at the core of our values, and we will ensure that your load will get to its destination fast and in the best condition.

Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

With a load that does not require to occupy a whole trailer, we will work with you and accommodate your load so that it gets to the destination of choice in good time. We will work with you to ensure that we have offered you the most competitive charge for your cargo. We also offer other required specialties by customers like lift gate trucks and palletized cargo, to make sure that security is provided, both for our staff and your cargo. We treat your cargo with utmost care, because customer service is one of our core values, and we want you to come back and to refer others to us based on our services. We let our work speak for us.

We accommodate dedicated local deliveries (<150 miles radius), dedicated regional deliveries (<150 – >300 air miles) and Over the Road deliveries.

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Cross Docking

In pursuit for a leaner and more efficient process, we offer our customer cross-docking services, where we consolidate loads going to the same destination on one mode of delivery. We on the other hand also break down loads into smaller, manageable components that need to be delivered to separate locations. We offer all types of crossdocking including:

  • First Mile Delivery – Start of supply chain, from the manufacturer to the load’s first stop.
  • Middle Mile Delivery – In between the supply chain, from one stop to the next.
  • Last Mile Delivery – End of the supply chain, delivering to the last customer.


We specialize in Domestic Intermodal Shipping. We are licensed to haul containers to intermodal ramps, where they are transported on the next leg of the trip via train. We also are licensed to pick up containers from the trains once they arrive at an intermodal location near us and distribute the product on the container to the final consumer, or to a customer’s warehouse of choice. Furthermore, we pride ourselves with consistent, reliable services, and we are here for your economic benefits.  

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Courier Delivery

For efficient and speedy delivery, we are the people to come to for courier delivery. We offer package distribution services for our customers. This could be for a one-time deal, or for everyday delivery type of contract. We also work with other courier companies to ensure that your package gets to the required destination in time, and in good condition.


Door to Door Delivery

We offer door to door delivery where we haul loads bigger loads from the sender and deliver it to the recipient’s door. It consists of the load being delivered to your front door, porch or the garage. We work to make sure that the service we provide will be favorable for both the customer, and also for our drivers.

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Hub and Spoke

To improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency, we employ the Hub and Spoke model when logistic situations call for it. This allows us the flexibility needed to move goods from one location to the next, while utilizing the most time and cost- efficient routes. The efficiency that we create across the board means that everyone that is involved in the line of service can feel the benefits that are realized by using this model.




We work with FMSCA licensed freight dispatcher brokers to get loads, deliver them for our customers with outstanding customer service. Our rating on the dispatch boards speaks for itself. It reflects the type of work that we have done thus far for the customers we have served in the past.